Friday, March 03, 2006

the management of waste

we are vis-a-vis with a crisis

- Lhas production of waste increases regularly

- their elimination poses problems more and more :

O the Centers D’Enfouissement Technical are very difficult to extend or create because of the refusal of the population (harmful effects +++)

O the incinerators must be abandoned (major medical risks)

- the selective sorting stagnates

- recycling is limited

- the cost of management and the royalty increase unrelentingly….

the current prospects for management hardly leave D’hope

- the governmental project is insufficient and does not take the problem at the base

- the local steps timid and are badly adapted

the solution exists and requires D’to have a vision

- total of the problem

- and long-term of its assumption of responsibility

it S’acts D’to undertake a true revolution in the management of waste which rests on :

- L’zero option waste

- on various principles

O pollueur/payor

O profitability economic

O social development

- and on various sites D’action :

O L’undertaken

O the citizen

O community

L’objective of the blog course 21 waste is to collect the ideas, information, D’to open the debate on the subject and this in order to arrive to a coherent project which will be used for all.

for this purpose, a Cap21dechets Group was created you can reach it by using the bond below:
Having passed the eliminating heats organized in each state, Jeremy goes to the organized national finale to Los Angeles. That Ci gains the competition high the hand with 12 titles of which that of the male model préadolescent of the year. It is at the time of the ceremony that it meets Mark Robert, its current manager. In June 2000, all the family moves in Los Angeles.

The first film made by Jeremy was Emprise (Fraitly). Film for which, it was nominated in Saturn Award. Then, it played in the telefilm Just A Dream for which it received the reward of best the performance in a telefilm decreed at the time of Young Artist Award 2003. It was selected to play the part of Skeet in Local Servant boys, a drama being held on the beaches of California between two meetings of surfing.

It then turned for Adaptation, but the scenes in which it played were withdrawn from the final assembly. With the continuation D’a world casting, Jeremy was selected to play the part of Peter Pan in the adventure of the same name.

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