Sunday, November 19, 2006

So, then, I have to face the next logical issue: if I can't reach agreement with my wife -- we've been going, at best, sideways for six months -- then we need agreement imposed from outside. In my state, according to the attorney I spoke with yesterday, I need to consider filing for legal separation, which would include a binding "parenting plan" of custody, visitation schedule and support payments.

I probably will not like what's ordered, my wife may not like it, but at least it would be stable and I would have some legal recourse if she reneges. Plus, I wouldn't have to go through the constant ordeal of trying to negotiate every single time I see my son. I would know exactly what my minimum responsibilities are and exactly what my parental privileges are.

The questions I have to ask myself are: Am I, honestly, motivated by trying to provide stability and predictability for my son and myself? Or am I actually trying to exert control for the sake of being in control? Are there other options that I should consider? Should I make yet another attempt to reach an agreement directly with my wife?

The most discouraging thing about trying to work out an agreement with my wife is that I don't trust her to abide by what we agree to. In the past several months she has built up a pretty good track record of unilaterally discarding agreements and commitments, big and small, as soon as they become inconvenient to her. How do you negotiate and compromise with someone when you don't trust their intention to live up to their word?

I also am pretty sure she will go ballistic when I tell her I've decided not to move to LA. I think she's counting on it at this point, so that I can relieve her of some of the burden of taking care of our son (when it's convenient for her and/or she needs a break). I don't want to speculate about how she will want to "punish" me for it, or how she will try to get some "justice." It would not surprise me at all if she suddenly picked up and moved to yet another city, state or country. It couldn't hurt to have the court encouraging her to stay put.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Sarah wrote about me today. After being sick as a dog and closing on a saturday night, seeing the post made me happy! Especially the part about being her inspirational friend. I feel loved.

Almost time for Nyquil dreams!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In an article on the new prospects for the years to come, Bill Gates thinks that the management of knowledge will be the key of the development. With the explosion which connait current technologies, the data became very abundant. Celà makes that information tends to be placed in the center of all the strategies. In the large companies, to be able to work out effective plans, and to face competition and to exceed it, it is essential to exploit all the data which circulate. Of another share, networks of information, or motorways as some prefer to call them, have facilter with a great degree the flow of the data.

The organization which will succeed is that which will be able to benefit from the data that it has. There are three important phases in the cycle of the data processing: data-information-knowledge. Knowledge is the fruit of the treatment. It is the experiment and the rule which depends neither on the time nor of the context. Bill Gates estimates that the new challenge of technology, data processing in particular, is to develop methods able to extract from knowledge starting from the raw data. There are new specialities which emergent, and which target this tendency. It is what is known under t

In the last special number of the magazine Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria ecrit an article "The earth' S learning curve" . It considers that our world could improve only by more wisdom. Indeed, it notes that until the time of Galileo, there were an evolution of science, philosophy and of any intelectuelle activity, but celà followed a curve of a certain slowness. The revolutions which had, after, marked the Galileo time, Copernic, Descartes and Newton contributed to change the vision that the man has of this world. It had dévelopée new visions for interpreter and to analyze and also Po to act. Zakaria considers that these radical changes accelerated the curve of the scientific evolution overall.

With the end of the 19 ième sciècle and at the beginning of twentieth of the inventions and discoveries bore fruit this evolution which became technical than scientific as much. Machines which exceeded, by far, the human capacities were implemented. The steam engine, consequently, signed the old turning of the era about the era industrialist. It is a revolution. Of another revolutions followed one another.

Recently, one published a report on the development of the human ressourses in Morocco. It is a good practice to make time with other these development. Nowadays, the strategies, the visions and the determination become words maivery. To succeed, the time of the improvisation is carément révolut. In this report/ratio, one projète about the 25 next years, by taking account moreover the events of the last years . It is articulated around the human, true being driving and finality of the human development. And it relates primarily to the axes according to:

- evolution of the human resources of the country as people.

- release of the human resources of the country as a State.

- the valorization of the human resources as a life and intelligence.

- the mobilization of the human resources as a force of creation of the richnesses.

- the physical potential as resources and tallies of human development.

You can connect yourselves on :

With the paddle of this new year 2006, we have habit to take stock of the activities of the year which has just ended. This year 2005 was remembered by several event, uautant good that bad. The war in Iraq, tsunamy of the South Asia East, the discalifacation of the team of Morocco. And also not of the union European, avénement of free data processing. The event do not miss any. However, which imports for the moment they are the comment, interpretation. It is necessary to know to learn from what occurs. If one would like to be constructive.

The year 2006 will be of particular importance, not parsqu' it will also connaitra the world 2006 only, but, because the hottest files actuells are in their turnings, therefore several decision will be taken and it will be determining.
Potato crepes
Here is an accompaniment which I wanted to carry out for a long time.
It is really very simple but very good. Cooked this way, the potatoes are melting and crusty... and vites made moreover. They can be used as a basis for more worked out preparation, like a kind of paste with tart surmounted by a meat, a poultry, etc...
They can also prepare mixed with other vegetables: carrots for example.

- 500 or 600 G of potatoes
- 1 egg
- 1 spoon with soup shaves flour
- oil
- salt and pepper

To start by grating potatoes with a grater with large holes. Then to wash them to remove the starch and to dry them well (rather difficult operation because the potatos are full of water!).

In a salad bowl, to put potatoes, to break whole egg and to add the flour, then to mix well. To season with your taste: salt, pepper and spices if you wish it.

To put the fuel oil in a frying pan. Choississez large a frying pan if you wish to make small pancakes (several at the same time), or small a frying pan, if you want to obtain a large pancake which you will make only cook. It will be enough for a person.

To put as much preparation than desired in the frying pan then to applatir with a spatula in order to "cement" the pancake to let cook according to thickness 2-3 minutes. To turn over the pancake by helping you of a plate, or will run the risk it to turn over it to the spatula (assured catastrophe...). To let cook 2-3 more minutes.

To be used as continuation.

With the small pancakes, you will be able to carry out of the "thousand sheets" individual, with the large ones, a support for your meat or other.

Friday, March 03, 2006

the management of waste

we are vis-a-vis with a crisis

- Lhas production of waste increases regularly

- their elimination poses problems more and more :

O the Centers D’Enfouissement Technical are very difficult to extend or create because of the refusal of the population (harmful effects +++)

O the incinerators must be abandoned (major medical risks)

- the selective sorting stagnates

- recycling is limited

- the cost of management and the royalty increase unrelentingly….

the current prospects for management hardly leave D’hope

- the governmental project is insufficient and does not take the problem at the base

- the local steps timid and are badly adapted

the solution exists and requires D’to have a vision

- total of the problem

- and long-term of its assumption of responsibility

it S’acts D’to undertake a true revolution in the management of waste which rests on :

- L’zero option waste

- on various principles

O pollueur/payor

O profitability economic

O social development

- and on various sites D’action :

O L’undertaken

O the citizen

O community

L’objective of the blog course 21 waste is to collect the ideas, information, D’to open the debate on the subject and this in order to arrive to a coherent project which will be used for all.

for this purpose, a Cap21dechets Group was created you can reach it by using the bond below:
Having passed the eliminating heats organized in each state, Jeremy goes to the organized national finale to Los Angeles. That Ci gains the competition high the hand with 12 titles of which that of the male model préadolescent of the year. It is at the time of the ceremony that it meets Mark Robert, its current manager. In June 2000, all the family moves in Los Angeles.

The first film made by Jeremy was Emprise (Fraitly). Film for which, it was nominated in Saturn Award. Then, it played in the telefilm Just A Dream for which it received the reward of best the performance in a telefilm decreed at the time of Young Artist Award 2003. It was selected to play the part of Skeet in Local Servant boys, a drama being held on the beaches of California between two meetings of surfing.

It then turned for Adaptation, but the scenes in which it played were withdrawn from the final assembly. With the continuation D’a world casting, Jeremy was selected to play the part of Peter Pan in the adventure of the same name.

Good Ba if its vou soulé jvé éssayer to make mieu with the next article given your avi

Monday, February 13, 2006

A home Business Opportunity

Affiliate Marketing : A home Business Opportunity

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Hi guys this is my new blog, enjoy your stay.