Friday, March 03, 2006

the management of waste

we are vis-a-vis with a crisis

- Lhas production of waste increases regularly

- their elimination poses problems more and more :

O the Centers D’Enfouissement Technical are very difficult to extend or create because of the refusal of the population (harmful effects +++)

O the incinerators must be abandoned (major medical risks)

- the selective sorting stagnates

- recycling is limited

- the cost of management and the royalty increase unrelentingly….

the current prospects for management hardly leave D’hope

- the governmental project is insufficient and does not take the problem at the base

- the local steps timid and are badly adapted

the solution exists and requires D’to have a vision

- total of the problem

- and long-term of its assumption of responsibility

it S’acts D’to undertake a true revolution in the management of waste which rests on :

- L’zero option waste

- on various principles

O pollueur/payor

O profitability economic

O social development

- and on various sites D’action :

O L’undertaken

O the citizen

O community

L’objective of the blog course 21 waste is to collect the ideas, information, D’to open the debate on the subject and this in order to arrive to a coherent project which will be used for all.

for this purpose, a Cap21dechets Group was created you can reach it by using the bond below:


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