Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Potato crepes
Here is an accompaniment which I wanted to carry out for a long time.
It is really very simple but very good. Cooked this way, the potatoes are melting and crusty... and vites made moreover. They can be used as a basis for more worked out preparation, like a kind of paste with tart surmounted by a meat, a poultry, etc...
They can also prepare mixed with other vegetables: carrots for example.

- 500 or 600 G of potatoes
- 1 egg
- 1 spoon with soup shaves flour
- oil
- salt and pepper

To start by grating potatoes with a grater with large holes. Then to wash them to remove the starch and to dry them well (rather difficult operation because the potatos are full of water!).

In a salad bowl, to put potatoes, to break whole egg and to add the flour, then to mix well. To season with your taste: salt, pepper and spices if you wish it.

To put the fuel oil in a frying pan. Choississez large a frying pan if you wish to make small pancakes (several at the same time), or small a frying pan, if you want to obtain a large pancake which you will make only cook. It will be enough for a person.

To put as much preparation than desired in the frying pan then to applatir with a spatula in order to "cement" the pancake to let cook according to thickness 2-3 minutes. To turn over the pancake by helping you of a plate, or will run the risk it to turn over it to the spatula (assured catastrophe...). To let cook 2-3 more minutes.

To be used as continuation.

With the small pancakes, you will be able to carry out of the "thousand sheets" individual, with the large ones, a support for your meat or other.


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